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Harvest Capital Group was born out of a personal interest in locating profitable farming ventures in South America that surpassed investment opportunities available in the United States. Scott Oakes, Managing Member, forecasted grain prices & developed a commercial hedge consulting relationship with a Brazilian cooperative starting in 1993. The relationships and knowledge from this venture resulted in the formation of an investment group of friends and family in 1996 that purchased 12,000 acres of virgin “Cerrado” land in northeastern Brazil. The enthusiasm generated from this investment is the basis for Harvest Capital's investments in Brazil.

Harvest Capital Asset Management is currently managing US$110M in assets in Brazil. Two Rivers Farm is a 23,000 acre rice and soybean development project located in Brazil, and Paraiso Teak Plantation is a 4,000 acre teak plantation in Brazil. HCAM’s management team provides a broad range of global experience with considerable depth in Brazil.

Harvest Capital Group’s experience provides these key benefits to our clients:
The Best Land for the Best Price – drawing on extensive in-country experience, we identify land that meets our agronomic standards, and negotiate directly with native land owners
Maximum Return – we are fully operational in Brazil, eliminating costly research and development, and we utilize storage and market forecasting to ensure the best commodity prices from both international and local markets

Investment Services
• Identification of profitable agri-business and timber investments sourced through our broad network of in-country contacts in Brazil
• Private investment offerings tailored to the specific needs of institutional and high net worth clients
• Facilitate the purchase of land tracts that meet our stringent agronomic standards, and provide legal assurance of clear title and transfer
• Formation and management of investment and operating companies
• Management of all Brazilian Central Bank currency registration and expatriation
• Turn-key management services
• Commodity and timber sales, including hedging when appropriate
• Financial management, distribution, and reporting
• Regular client communications to include crop status, commodity price updates, and regional geopolitical information

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